Clanna Ruid Ruide Council No. 58

Knight Masons, USA

The Order of Knight Masons is an
Invitational and Honorary Body 

34400 Mission Blvd., Union City 94587-3604

Meetings are the Fourth Sundays of March and September, annually.


Contact: Scribe "Bruce Rick" bruce.rick@gmail.com

  Excellent Chief

 Sir Kt. Brandon Dueñas 

Senior Knight

 Sir Kt. Jonathan Prestage

Junior Knight

Sir Kt. Wolfgang Lochner


Sir Kt. Bruce Rick


 Sir Kt. Chris Trueblood

Senior Warden

Sir Kt. Efren Prado

Junior Warden

Sir Kt. Nicholas Muhlhauser

Director of Ceremonies

Sir Kt. Marty Cusing


Sir Kt. Joshua Cusing






1994  J. Lawler - Institution          2007  R. N. Nikolaus        

1995  J. Lawler - Charter                2008  P. G. Bailey              

1996  L. Wilson                               2009  F. A. Weinstein 

1997  L. Wilson                               2010,2011  J. A. Williams
1998  D. A. Nolan                           2012, 2013  W. Price*

1999  E. W. Fentum                        2014  W. E. Ellison*

2000  J. L. Cooper                         2015  M. Harris

2000  B. F. Summers *                  2016  J. T. Yelinek

2001   B. Shepard*                         2017  B. Ramsey

2002  K. L. Conragan*                  2018  G. Hall

2003  W. N. Wine*                          2019, 2020  C.R. Trueblood

2004 D. R. Jolliffe                           2021 C. Valrey

2005, 2006 J. D. Nelson       

2006 E. Olivera *                   

* Deceased

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    Knight Mason History

by Edgar W. Fentum

There is some speculation as to whether the Knight Mason degrees originated in Scotland or Ireland. We do know that the ritual did exist in the early 1700’s. It is known that they were worked in Ireland. In 1923 the Irish Grand Council of Knight Masons was formed in Dublin, Ireland. These degrees are a shortened version of the degrees found in the Order of the Red Cross of Knights Templar and the 15th and 16th degrees of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. These degrees arrived in the United States in 1936 and the Grand Council of The United States of America was created on February 18th 1969.

The Grand Lodge of California allowed Councils to be Chartered in 1993. Councils are under the jurisdiction of the Grand Council of Knight Masons of the U.S.A. Membership is by invitation only to York Rite Royal Arch Chapter Companions in good standing. The presiding officer is known as the "Excellent Chief" and a member is referred to as "Cousin".

                                                     The degrees are:
                                                     Knight of the Sword   
                                                     Knight of the East
                                                     Knight of the East and West
The "Excellent Chief" is installed in a tiled meeting of "Past Excellent Chiefs".

The name Clanna Ruid Ruide was my choice and came from a tale of Irish King Erminius, Ruid Ruide of Ullard, or Ulster, who formed the Clanna to 'step through the rugged and uneven ways of life’. So was formed the ancient clan. I received the degrees of Knight Masons in 1993 and was encouraged to form a Council in Menlo Park, California by M. W. Bro. John L. Cooper III P.G.M., Past Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of California. He had been a member of the Order of Knight Masons for some time, having received the Knight Mason degrees in Colorado. We decided that I would serve as Secretary to establish this new aspect of Freemasonry to California. Clanna Ruid Ruide was Instituted in 1994 and Chartered in 1995.

Past Excellent Chiefs

Jackson Barrows*

Lyle P. Bird

Kevin L. Conragan*

John L. Cooper III

E. W. Fentum

John N. Lawler*

Dan R. McDaniel

Dalton A. Nolan

James C. Reynolds*

Bernard R. Shepard*

Joel H. Springer III*

B. Franklin Summers*

Kevin Tuck

Leslie S. Wilson*

William N. Wine*

Charter Members


Past Scribes

E. W. Fentum  (1995–1999)        L. Wilson* (1999–2000)     R. L. Haggerty*  (2000–2001)          D. A. Nolan  (2001–2006)           B. R. Shepard*  (2007      L. Porebski  (2007–2009)

P. G. Bailey  (2010–2018)            G. Hall (2019–2020)             J. L. Cooper III (2020–2021)

Knight Commander of Zerubbabel

                 Patrick G. Bailey

                 John L. Cooper  III