Siminoff Allied Masonic Degrees Council No. 485

The Allied Masonic Degrees are an invitational organization, and requires membership in the Royal Arch as well as the Symbolic Lodge. Membership is limited to 27 members per council.

Sovereign Master

J. Larin

Senior Warden

M. Ramos

Junior Warden

C. Franceschini


C. Grech PS


M. Ramos


J. Prestage

Director of Ceremonies

J. Yelinek PS

Senior Deacon

R. Pinkerton

Junior Deacon

B. Rick

Assistant Director of Ceremonies
E. Fentum PS

Inner Guard

C. Trueblood


M. Solomon


B. McCain

Officers for 2022

Meeting Location

34400 Mission Blvd., Union City 94587-3604

Meeting Dates

 Second Sunday of March, June, September and December at 11:00 am

After each business meeting we have our regular

AMD Education Talk. 


$15.00 for non-Masonic Home
and Acacia Creek Residents

 Secretary Contact
Michael J. Ramos

Past Sovereign Masters

2010 –  E. Fentum
2011 – S. Bransgrove
2012 – P. Hardiman
2013 – J. Yelinek
2014 – M. Bole
2015 – A. Rivas
2016 – C. Grech
2017 – M. Patterson
2018 – C. Trueblood
2019 – R. Fiechtner
2020 – T. Pryor

2021 – E. Prado

Three-Year Degree Conferral and Meeting Cycle

Year 2

Grand Tylers of Solomon
Order of the Secret Monitor (1st Degree)
Order of the Secret Monitor (2nd Degree)
Inner Workings and Installation

Year 3

Order of the Scarlet Cord (1st Grade)

Order of the Scarlet Cord (2nd Grade)

Order of the Scarlet Cord (3rd Grade)

Inner Workings and Installation

                     Year 1
St. Lawrence the Martyr
Royal Ark Mariner
Knight of Constantinople

Inner Workings and Installation

*Architect Degree Series, Excellent Master and
Masters of Tyre conferred as written analysis.

Degrees under the auspices 
of the

Grand Council Allied Masonic Degrees in America

Council History

In 1993, Edgar W. Fentum (member of Escorial Council, Time Immemorial meeting in Havant, England) attended his first meeting of a Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees (AMD) in California. It was held during a Sunday Brunch. He was dismayed to discover that this was the practice of some Allied Masonic Degree Councils in the United States.
In 1994, Bro. Fentum applied for and received a Charter for Britannia Council No. 303 meeting in Los Altos, California and served as its first Sovereign Master.
Britannia Council adopted many practices of an English Council, i.e., holding tyled meetings, conferring degrees and presenting the occasional research paper.
In 2007, Bro. Fentum moved to the Masonic Homes of California in Union City, California and in 2010 founded Siminoff Council No. 485, which also labours in the English Council manner.
As a mark of affection, the unshorn lamb skin aprons, crafted by Bro. Fentum, are continuing to be worn by the Officers of the Siminoff Council when conferring the Royal Ark Mariner Degree.